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square knot. 196 197 Arlo. Professor of Science at Harvard University ; won the 1986 Nobel Prize in Chemistry a William. Incoming Republican member of the Texas State Senate from Van Zandt County, Texas, elected Dan Halloran 1989 Politician, member of the New York City Council 118 Carter Ham 1964 Former United States Army general a John Hammergren 1975 Chairman, president and CEO of McKesson Corporation. Shepard 1962 Chief Justice of the Indiana Supreme Court a John Silber 1944 President of Boston University (19711996 Chancellor of Boston University (19962003 President Emeritus of Boston University (20032012 candidate for governor of Massachusetts (1990) a 239 Stephen Silberkraus 1999 Nevada State assemblyman; multimedia professional. 1940 Chairman Emeritus and Director of Bechtel a John Beck 1997. Head coach at Texas A M University from 1972 to 1978 and at Mississippi State University from 19 32 Albert Belle 1981 Major League Baseball outfielder for the Cleveland Indians, Chicago White Sox, and Baltimore Orioles ; first player to hit 50 doubles and. Frank "Tick" Coleman 1926 Community activist and namesake of the. Lawyer; Secretary of State of California (19941995) 178 Scott Mitchell 1984. Hayworth 1973 Representative from Arizona (19952007 television and radio journalist 124 Jon Heder 1994 Actor, filmmaker and screenwriter best known for Napoleon Dynamite 125 126 Jeb Hensarling 1971 Representative from Texas (2003) 127 Richard Herman 1956 Chancellor of the University of Illinois at UrbanaChampaign (2005).

1959 Dean of the Medical Faculty at Johns Hopkins University and the Chief Executive Officer of Johns Hopkins Medicine a Richards Miller 1960 Dentist; one of the founders of Venturing ; one of the authors of Wood Badge in the 21st century and the 2003. Herres 1946 Chairman of usaa Group (19932002 Air Force general who was the first Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, first commander of the United States Space Command, astronaut and flight crew chief of the canceled Manned Orbiting Laboratory ; recipient of the. Laotioan-born Hmong state representative ( DFL ) in Minnesota 15 Paul Theroux 1955 Travel writer and novelist 258 Glenn Thompson 1977 Representative from Pennsylvania (2009present) 7 Leo. Army general; last commander of the International Security Assistance Force 55 William Durant Campbell 1922 Founder of the World Scout Foundation, member of World Scout Committee a Milton Caniff 1923 Cartoonist for the Terry and the Pirates and Steve Canyon comic strips a 23 Russ. District Attorney of Grant Parish, Louisiana from 1991. (19451949 Assistant to the Chief Scout Executive (19491952). 1976 Louisiana Lawyer and former member of Louisiana House of Representatives Dennis Pitta 2000 National Football League tight end for the Baltimore Ravens 210 Michael Pocalyko 1968 CEO of Monticello Capital, corporate director, financial novelist, Beirut veteran a Bryce Poe II 1940 United States Air. Blair 1930 News Anchor for NBC's Today Show 1953 to 1975 a 15 43 Michael Bloomberg 1954 Mayor of the City of New York (20022014 businessman and the founder of Bloomberg.P. 1966 Astronaut who flew on shuttle mission STS-78 a 8 James Brady 1955 Gun control advocate; White House Press Secretary under President Ronald Reagan ; shot and became permanently disabled during the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan a Aaron Brewer 2008 Long snapper for the. Catholic seminarian from Virginia nominated for sainthood 203 204 Scott. Mayor of Holland, Michigan (1993) 169 Eugene McGehee. Navy lieutenant commander; pilot and astronaut; killed in the Apollo 1 training exercise 8 Kirk Chambers 1997 National Football League offensive tackle for the Cleveland Browns (20042005) and Buffalo Bills (2007) 58 Gregory Chamitoff 1980 Astronaut who flew on missions STS-124, Expedition 17, Expedition.

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