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Mizar, Ceadeed, Nether, and to some extent, Stygian are probably the top 4 axes. Follow @kiranico_en for updates! So, Weak to Water Ceadeed, weak to Dragon. Name, rarity, stats, sharpness, slots, production Materials, upgrade Materials. Weak to Poison Mizar, and Ice weapons are shafted unless you have the DLC event weapon, even then it's not always the best. Please try again later.

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Weak to Fire Mizar or Miralis if they use poison themselves. Weak to Ice Ceadeed on Wroggi and. Lagi and sty zin /Ala will beat out both on monsters weak to their element. In top 5 I'd put Lucent at 3 under ceadeed and lagi. I guess my point is: Multiple weapons help keep the game interesting. So IMO Lucent only wins out when awakened on poison weak monsters vs sharp1 and the other. "We're whalers on the moon!" "We carry a harpoon!" "But there ain't no whales so we tell tall tales and sing a whaling tune!". I even use the Duramboros SA, which while it doesn't quite do as much DPS, is very close, and can exhaust/KO monsters. Cost 1, iron Lance 1, attack: 138, affinity: 0, awakening : 50 Fire 2 - 3 Iron Ore 550z 3, iron Lance 1, attack: 161, affinity: 0, awakening : 80 Fire 4, rustShard 5 Iron Ore 2,010z 5, thane Lance 1, attack: 207 Affinity:. Water, ice, thunder, dragon, poison, para, sleep. Final, awaken, sharpness 1, true Attack Values, fire. Good fun for switching things.

Will it be the most effective? This feature is not available right now. Blast, final (Create lV LV / ( ) reload: Recoil: Deviation: Normal. Pierce, pellet, crag, clust, slicing, fire, ice. Maybe not on everything. Exhaust, wyvernFire create, Upgrade. MHGen database is out! Thumb500pxright, sorry about weapon images.