bora professional 2.0 pris

Cooktop Extractor System, back, good food is the foundation of genuine happiness, the French master chef and author of the book Le Guide Culinaire Auguste Escoffier once said referring to the significance of kitchens and cooking. It integrates cooktops, cooktop extractor, duct, filter, motor and wall sleeve. Selection digital product catalogueProduct catalogue by post. By continuing to use the website, you agree to the use of these cookies. Bora, professional.0 is available as a compact model, a plug and play system and as freely combinable floating worktops. Professional.0, pKI-11 2-osainen induktio 3152,08 86012, professional.0, pKIW-1 induktio wok 2946,24 86030, professional.0, pKG-11 kaasutaso saatavilla 01/2019 2432,88 86040, professional.0, pKT-11 Tepan teräsgrillitaso 3403,80 86035, professional.0 nestekaasusuutin 2830mbar -saatavilla 01/2019 49,23 86050, bORA -sokkelipuhallin ULS-25 1476,84, toimitetaan tilauksesta. The knobs of the unit fascinate with their intelligent control function for power control, various function programs and the temperature indicator.

bora professional 2.0 pris

Bora Professional ist ein System aus Kochfeldern, Kochfeldabzug, Kanal, Filter und Motor.
Novum: statt mechanisch gesteuert wird die Verschlussklappe des Kochfeldabzugs elektrisch geöffnet sobald.
Bora Professional, cooktops, cooktop extractor, duct, filter and wall sleeve combine to form an electrically controlled system with excellent functionality.
The heart of the Revolution.0 is the user interface the cooktops and the cooktop e In the.

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Tekniset tiedot bora Professional.0 PKA liesituulettimen imuyksikkö 482 x 540 x 176 mm bora Professional.0 pkas liesituulettimen imuyksikkö puhaltimella 468 x 540 x 199 mm bora Professional.0 pkfi-11 rajaton induktiotaso 3,7 kW 370 x 540 x 52 mm Professional.0 PKI-11 2-osainen induktio 3,7 kW 370. Bora, professional.0 was developed on the premise of combining simplicity, functionality and performance in a single, electronically controlled system. Lisävarusteet 86192, bORA -tehosuodatin, 3-osainen ULB-3 638,60 86220 bora -pistorasiayksikkö RST 83,08 86160 bora -kanavapuhallin (ulie) AC-puhallin 1302,00 86161 bora -kanavapuhallin (ULI) EC-puhallin 1302,00 86209 bora -änenvaimennin usdf 245,52 Toimitetaan tilauksesta. Manufacturer: bora, vertriebs GmbH Co KG, Niederndorf, Austria. The design with extra-deep cooktops and optimised cooking surfaces exudes clarity lägenhet uppsala hyra and comfort, allowing various cooktops to be combined freely. Information on cookies and your opt-out option.

Your details, order the exclusive, bORA, magazine free of charge with information about our cooking systems and exciting stories from the world. At the heart is the user interface, with the cooktops and the cooktop extractor communicating with each other.

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