bushnell magnetiska boresighter instruktioner

any care plans, options and policies that may be associated with this product. The Magnetic Boresighter is so easy to use that there are really only three steps involved, although Bushnell adds three additional steps (that are so obvious they should be unnecessary). 33.23, buy It Now, free Shipping, arbors for.

3 1 works good. The price was fair and works well after some learning experience. Boresighter with 3 expandable arbors. Bore sighted is not sighted-in.

Bushnell boresighter recension

Buy It Now, free Shipping, actually opened the door just before the tragedy of 9/11. Simply put, we are outdoor enthusiasts who happen to have a warehouse full of top quality gear. 4 1, this boresighter works very well. After boresighting, get to a range and do your initial shooting at 25 yards. When you turn it on, you must screw the front cap on all the way; otherwise the laser may not be aligned correctly. See all results Browse Related. It is a little hard to see at 50 yards and the red dot gets fuzzy but like i said it gets you close. Optical boresighters are handy devices. 101.37 Buy It Now Free Shipping This gunsmith-quality boresight kit will enable you to quickly and easily sight in a rifle. Three arbors Fits.22 through.

Optical boresighters are handy devices.
They are generally shaped roughly like a truncated cone, with an optical bell about.25" long.
There is a lens in the big end.
Bushnell Magnetic Bore Sighter All Calibers.