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it will be meaningful to me if she just doesnt go viral. And thats hard for. That is sort of my issue with a lot of media that tries to tackle the internet. That thing the movies trying to reconcile is, I think, a thing that we are forced to reconcile in our own lives, which is stressful. An excerpt of our conversation, lightly edited for length and clarity, follows. Social Network did it really well, but in a different way. I may be stuck.

Bo burnham"s i love, bo Burnham, poems about depression Poem"s So true Egghead bo burnham, funny Contemporary Poetry Pretty hurts Forward My absolute favorite contemporary poem.
Bo Burnham, from his book Egghead: Or, You Can t Survive on Ideas Alone.
Egghead"s (showing 1-30 of 33) I love you just the way you are but you don t see you like.
Bo Burnham, Egghead: Or, You Can t Survive on Ideas.
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Its the warm orange glow of the candle over the letter, and the cool, cold light of the moon out the window. I wanted something this morning. And now the cool light of the moon thats outside the window for Barry Lyndon. As opposed to Zach, who, it just thrills him. I could barely sit through history class with my chunky Nokia phone with, like, Snake.